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Since 1983, the company's centerline philosophy has been to design and manufacture castable spherical attachments with a connecting nylon female component being processed into the removable prosthetic device.

Mr. Ezio Nardi, founder of the company, pioneered this simple concept of ball and cap connectors. Over the past 30 years, this technology is the proven standard for RPD's and overdenture prosthetic design, improving superior oral health, functionality, esthetics and patient comfort. Today, Rhein83 is recognized worldwide for its technical expertise in spherical dental attachments, superstructure frame designs, and direct implant abutments.

Smart Products With Purpose

This year, Rhein83 has brought to market several new high quality products for the dentist and dental laboratory with it's primary focus centred on implantology, under the direction of Gianni Storni, VP Technology.

Mr. Storni and his technical group have a clear approach. "Does it make sense, will the product offer a solution for the dental team's daily challenges, and be a cost effective treatment plan." This fundamental idealogy goes into every new design concept for produt development and manufacturing, and is most essential for Rhein83.

The new OT Equator 3 in 1 attachment system, introduced at the 2009 Rome Expo, is an example of this engineering distinction. By vertically reducing the classic OT Cap 2.5 mm sphere to its "equator," the low profile elastic caps use only the bottom half of the sphere, achieving equal functionality and retnetive values as its predecessor.

The OT Equator line ofers the lowest profile and has the least overall displacement of any attachment system on the market, giving the dentist and the technician superior case design options for esthetics and function, especially where space is limited.

Experienced Team Approach

Strong factors that contribute to the continued success of Rhein83 srl and Rhein83 USA are having extremely knowledgeable "live" customer service and technical support team personnel. Even in today's high-tech society of clicks and voice prompts, consumers still prefer to speak with a friendly voice that can assist them quickly with accurate information.

Fielding customer phone calls can be as easy as taking an order for replacement caps or as complex as having to provide viable clinical solutions for a multifaceted inherited old case, with divergent implants having little or no information regarding the fixtures, and everything in between.

Rhein83 USA Newest Partner Expansion

Joe Tambasco
Director, Rhein83 USA

Gianni Storni
VP Technology

Rhein83 USA continues a positive trend under direction from it's newest partner, Mr. Joe Tambasco. With more than 30 years of entreprenurial experience in the dental laboratory industry, Mr. Tambasco is presently Diretor of North America for the company and oversees daily operations. This summer he accepted the responsibility of partnership in Rhein83 USA from Claudia Nardi in meetings held in Bologna, Italy. Together, Mr. Tambasco and Mr. Storni have made marked advancements in the Rhein83 USA organization located in New Rochelle, New York.

"Several steps have been implemented in 2010 to create distinctive value that capture and sustain the market's attention. Enhancing product and technical service awareness to the dentist and laboratory will be our primary focus."

The company has increased its staff of contributing writers and clinicians, which will publish technical articles in dental journals and use the power of the Internet via links into dental industry social networks, supporting this awareness. Lectures and training events are constantly being developed for both the dentist and laboratory technician. In addition Rhein83 USA has an improved website design featuring easy navigation and instructional video segments for it's most popular attachment systems.

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