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OT Box Multiuse- Spare Parts


Ref. 022OBBUS 4 OT Bar Multuse Castable Bars $28.19
Ref. 025CPBUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Castable Boxes $28.19
Ref. 023CPAUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Positioner Clips A $16.91
Ref. 024CPBUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Positioner Clips B $16.91
Ref. 026CRRUS 6 Pink Clips - Soft Retention $36.90
Ref. 027CRGUS 6 Yellow Clips - Medium Retention $36.90
Ref. 022RGO 2 Castable Connectors $13.33
Ref. 029OIC Tool For Inserting OT Bar Multiuse Clips $28.70
Ref. 028OCP Parallelometer Key For OT Bar Multiuse $28.70

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American Recovery