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OT Bar Multiuse - Product Information

The OT Bar Multiuse is designed with a 4 point retentive system. This unique system provides superior retention and can be utilized for both rigid and resilient functionality. With it's innovative two-sided design (Side A is rounded and Side B is flat), depending on the indication, either side can be used. If a resilient solution is required the bar is positioned with the flat side facing up or if a rigid solution is required then the bar is positioned with the round side facing up. OT Bar Multiuse can also be used as a connecting bar between canines in the anterior region.

OT Bar Multiuse and the cast housing are fabricated directly on the master model saving time by eliminating the need for duplication.

OT Bar Multiuse

Ref. 021OBMUS OT Bar Multiuse + Connectors

Kit Contains:
- 4 Castable bars
- 6 Positioner clips A
- 6 Positioner clips B
- 6 Castable boxes
- 6 Retentive Pink clips
- 6 Retentive Yellow clips
- 2 Connectors
- 1 Gingival connector

Spare Parts

Ref. 022OBBUS 4 OT Bar Multuse Castable Bars  
Ref. 025CPBUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Castable Boxes  
Ref. 023CPAUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Positioner Clips A  
Ref. 024CPBUS 6 OT Bar Multuse Positioner Clips B  
Ref. 026CRRUS 6 Pink Clips - Soft Retention  
Ref. 027CRGUS 6 Yellow Clips - Medium Retention  
Ref. 022RGO 2 Castable Connectors  


Ref. 029OIC Tool For Inserting OT Bar Multiuse Clips  
Ref. 028OCP Parallelometer Key For OT Bar Multiuse  

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