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OT Equator With Threaded Sleeve - Product Information

The low profile OT Equator attachment for bar connections is manufactured with a 1.6 mm thread, 2 sided titanium bonding sleeve, and a base spacer. This new system offers laboratories two cost effective options for placing the attachment on CAD/CAM milled or cast bar overdenture connections. The OT Equator is the smallest attachment in it's classification. Dimensions are 2.1 mm high and 4.4 mm wide with cap in place.

Technicians can select between screwing the threaded OT Equator directly into a milled site, or use the base spacer and bonding sleeve with traditional casting techniques which eliminates the need for drilling and tapping. Once the bar is cast, the OT Equator and sleeve are screwed together and bonded directly into the attachment location.

The OT Equator kit comes complete with 2 titanium nitrate coated attachments, 2 titanium bonding sleeves, 2 base spacers, an assortment of caps and 2 stainless steel housings.


Ref. 092ECQ OT Equator Castable

Kit Contains:
- 2 Single Males
- 2 Stainless Steel Housings
- 4 Retentive Caps (2 soft, 2 standard)


Ref. 130 OT Equator for Implants
Compatible with Any Implant System

Kit Contains
- 1 Titanium Implant Abutment
- 1 Stainless Steel Housing
- 1 Protective Disk
- 4 Retentive Caps (1 extra soft, 1 soft, 1 standard, 1 strong)
Ref. 030 1 Titanium Abutment  


Ref. 160EQB OT Equator - Threaded Sleeve System For Bonding

Kit Contains:
- 2 OT Equator Threaded For Titanium Sleeve 1.6 mm
- 2 Threaded Sleeves 1.6 mm
- 2 Stainless steel Housings
- 2 OT Equator Spacers
- 8 Retentive Caps
  (2 Extra Soft, 2 Soft, 2 Standard, 2 Processing)
Ref. 039SFE2 OT Equator - Threaded System for CAD/CAM Bars

- 1 Threaded OT Equator (Standard 2 mm Thread)
Ref. 158EQS OT Equator Passive Bar System - "Elastic Seeger"

Kit Contains:
- 2 Castable Abutments For Seeger
- 3 Red Plastic Seeger For Laboratory
- 3 Retentive Elastics For Locking Abutments
- 2 Top Locking Titanium Screws

Spare Parts

Ref. 192ECE - Cap Assortment Kit With Metal Housing 1pc. Each  
Ref. 151SS - 2 Castable Males  
Ref. 140CEV - 4 Violet Caps - Stong Retention  
Ref. 140CET - 4 White Caps - Standard Retention  
Ref. 140CER - 4 Pink Caps - Soft retention  
Ref. 140CEG - 4 Yellow Caps - Extra Soft Retention  
Ref. 140CEN - 4 Processing Caps - Black For Laboratory Use  
Ref. 141CAE - 2 Stainless Steel Housings  
Ref. 339SFE - 1 OT Equator Threaded 1.6 mm - For Titanium Sleeve  
Ref. 239GSF - 1 Titanium Sleeve 1.6 mm Thread  
Ref. 339SSE - 1 OT Equator Spacer  


Ref. 044CAIN - 2 Impression Copings (Includes Yellow Nylon Cap)  
Ref. 144AE - 2 Laboratory Analogs  


Ref. 74AC01 - Parallelometer Key - Normal  
Ref. 774CQ - OT Equator Screwdriver
  For Implant Abutment [Square 1.25 mm]
Ref. 760CE - 1 Square Driver Connector
  For Contra Angle Torque Controller [Square 1.25 mm]
Ref. 772CSF - OT Equator Screwdriver
  [Hex .9 mm]
Ref. 124ICP - Blue Plastic "Multi-Use" Insertion Tool w/ Seeger Insertor  
Ref. 085IAC - Insertion Tool For Caps
(used to insert caps into stainless steel housings)
Ref. 185IAC - Metal Insertion Tool For Caps [Use with Ref. 124ICP]  
Ref. 191ECS - Metal Extractor Tool For Caps [Use with Ref. 124ICP]  

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