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OT Reverse 3 - Product Information

OT Reverse 3 is a root supported direct pivot attachment system which provides retention and stability for full dentures. The "split" male poriton of the attachment is manufactured from titanium that is embedded into a soft nylon material. The female pivots have a unique shape that is designed to fit most remaining root structures. OT Reverse 3 is successful even with minimal bone support of the remaining dentition. The system is cost effective with simple laboratory and chairside procedures.

OT Reverse 3

Ref. 095PCR OT Reverse 3
Extra-Coronal Attachments

Kit Contains:
- 2 Castable Bars
- 2 Retentive females in Titanium + TiN to be bonded
- 2 Retentive male attachments in Titanium + nylon
- 2 Positioning Rings ro OT Reverse 3
- 2 OT Box Mono
Ref. 034PRK OT Reverse 3
Overdenture Posts

Kit Contains:
- 2 Root Posts in Titanium + TiN
- 2 Retentive male attachments Titanium + Nylon
- 2 Plastic Manual Tools
- 2 Stainless Steel Housings
- 2 Pink Protective Discs


Ref. 037CCL Coping Cover For Overcasting

Kit Contains:
- 1 Assembling Ring for Pivots
Ref. 010PSP Castable Pivots - For Canal Impressions

Kit Contains:
- 20 Castable Pivots - Normal Size
Ref. 012PSM Castable Pivots - For Canal Impressions

Kit Contains:
- 20 Castable Pivots - Micro Size


Ref. A01MOG Mooser Bur
For Pivots of 7-9-10 mm.
Ref. A03MOG Mooser Bur
For Pivots of 12-14 mm.
Ref. 121FD Diamond Shaping Bur For Roots
Applies to Sphero Flex & Sphero Block

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