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Sphero Flex - Product Information

Sphero Flex Implant Abutments are now available for ALL narrow body implant systems.

The Sphero Flex implant abutments for overdenture attachments are compatible with any implant system currently on the market. The Sphero Flex swivel ball comes with a diameter of 2.5 mm and is flexible to 7.5 in any direction. Sphero Flex has been designed to correct angulation problems up to 43° between two implant abutments.

This attachment is titanium nitrate coated and has a Vickers surface hardness of 1600. The female component of the attachment is a nylon cap that comes in a variety of colors and snaps over the ball to help prevent wear and increase retention.

Sphero Flex

Ref. 109 Sphero Flex with Titanium Nitrate Coating - Standard

Kit Contains:
- 1 Titanium Abutment with Swivel Sphere - 2.5 mm
- 2 Pink Caps - Soft Retention
- 1 Stainless Steel Housing For Resin
- 1 Protective Disk
- 3 Directional Rings


Ref. 100AD Directional Rings For Sphero Flex and Sphero Block

Kit Contains:
- 3 Colored Rings With Inclination - 0°, 7°, 14°
Ref. 044ABN Standard Size Analog Kit - For Sphero Flex and Sphero Block

Kit Contains:
- 1 Standard Size Analog
- 3 Colored Directional Rings With Inclination - 0°, 7°, 14°
- 1 Black Standard Cap for Laboratory Use


Ref. 771CEF Key for Sphero Block & Sphero Flex
- Fits Standard & Micro spheres
- 2.3 mm Hex
Ref. 760CBM Hex Driver for Torque Controller - Contra Angle  
Ref. TE Anti-Unscrewing System With Elastic Dowel
Applies to Sphero Flex & Sphero Block

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